Mirror Therapy ... Digitized

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What is MirrorBox Therapy?

Mirror therapy (MT) or mirror visual feedback (MVF) is a therapy for pain or disability that affects one side of the patient more than the other side. It was invented by Vilayanur S. Ramachandran to treat post-amputation patients who suffered from phantom-limb pain (PLP). Mirror Therapy helps create positive visual feedback of a limb movement. It is a technique to help move a poorly mobile limb or to reduce phantom limb pain.

During therapy, patients stand in such a way that the functioning limb is in front of the mirror and the injured or phantom limb is behind it. The very act of seeing the existing limb moving in the mirror creates a pulling or tense sensation that can “trick” the brain through sensory feedback into perceiving normal function in the injured or missing limb.

What is Digital Mirror Therapy?

Digital Mirror Therapy™ (DigitalMT) is an Augmented Reality App. Unlike traditional Mirror Box therapy, where patients must place a mirror between limbs and solely focus on the reflection of their limb, Digital MT allows patients to stand in front of the smart device and perform movement freely. In addition, the use of a curtain in the AR-powered app enables them to visualize one extremity at a time. DigitalMT provides therapy support for treating complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS), phantom limb pain, post-stroke recovery, and ongoing chronic pain management. Our system is accessible, affordable, in real-time, and non-invasive. All you need is your smartphone or tablet to get started.

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How does Mirror Therapy help?

Mirror Therapy exploits the brain’s preference to prioritize visual feedback over somatosensory/proprioceptive feedback concerning limb position in conditions such as phantom limb pain and stroke patients.

Positioning and geometry is everything, which is why it requires the help of a qualified therapist to assist patients with traditional mirror therapy. But with the help of Digital Mirror Therapy™, you don’t need any additional assistance. You can access Mirror Therapy from anywhere to help reduce pain and gain more mobility.

Digital Mirror Therapy™ In Action